Cory´s Shearwater monitoring in Berlengas, Portugal


At the beginning of June of this year, SPEA’s launched its new LIFE Berlengas project which included its first field excursion. Berlengas are Portuguese islands off the west coast of mainland Portugal (west of the town of Peniche), and are a safe haven for seabirds. The field work conducted included the identification of some invasive plant species spots, Cory´s Shearwater colony monitoring, and assessment of artificial nests occupation by the species.

Of a total of 50 artificial nests built in late breeding season 2011, 44% were occupied with breeding Sheawaters, and 69% of the improved nests from prior work were occupied as well (this rate was 47% in 2011). These results demonstrate the success of the ‘artifiical nests’ initiative. SPEA would like to thank once again to all volunteers involved in the artificial nests campaigns.

More actions in Berlengas comming soon!

Nuno Barros, SPEA’s Marine Programme Assistant


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