LIVE: Birth in”Lua de Mel no Corvo” (Corvo Honeymoon)

Cat predating on a Cory Shearwater baby chick
Cat predating on a Cory’s Shearwater baby chick

At around 15:46 on the 21st of July, a little baby chick was born from the proud Cory Shearwater’s parents from the second edition of the “Lua de Mel Corvo” (Corvo Honeymoon) initiative. The nesting was accompanied by more than 25,000 people from 70 countries around the world. We hope to continue to accompany this little chicks first steps into the world, especially during the its first weeks where it is still very vulnerable to predators such as the cat, an invasive alien specie to the island.

Click here to learn more about the initiative

Nuno Barros, SPEA’s Marine Programme Assistant


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